Democrat Rep. Al Green Admits ‘Genesis of Impeachment Was… When Trump Was Running For Office’ (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. Al Green says the darndest things.

Rep. Green previously stated during a media appearance that Trump must be impeached so he doesn’t get reelected.

The Texas Democrat then claimed during an appearance on MSNBC that we need to impeach Trump to ‘deal with slavery.’

Now he’s claiming that the ‘genesis of impeachment was when Trump was running for office,’ further proving the entire thing is a sham.

At least Al Green was being honest.

The Democrat-media-complex was plotting to prevent Trump from winning the White House in 2016 and his upset victory sent them into overdrive.

“Basically, the Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump from day one…Exhibit one, Congressman Al Green has been calling for the man’s impeachment for 2 years now, what’s your response to that charge?” MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Rep. Green.

“Well the genesis of impeachment to be very candid with you, was um when the president was running for office,” Rep. Green said.

Thank you for being candid and honest, Rep. Green.


House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump on two very broad articles of impeachment without naming any crimes.

Zero Republicans voted in favor of impeachment and there were three Democrat defectors.

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