Democrat Mikie Sherrill Joins Fellow Leftists – Puts Pelosi Before Country and Will Support Sham Impeachment

There are 31 Democrats who are representing districts President Trump won in 2016.
After three years of constant attacks and vicious assaults by Democrats, Trump voters have only grown in their support of this president.

These 31 Democrats will likely be one term lawmakers.
Trump’s approval numbers continue to climb.

Several of these so-called “moderate” Democrats signed over their career to Speaker Pelosi this week and will vote to support impeachment.

By Monday afternoon, the Democrats garnered enough support from the vulnerable Trump-district Democrats and now have enough votes to impeach President Trump.

At least 17 of the 31 endangered Democrats in conservative leaning districts have publicly stated they will vote ‘yea’ to impeach President Trump.

Democrat Mikie Sherrill announced on Tuesday she will be voting with Pelosi on impeachment.

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