BAH-HUMBUG: BuzzFeed Calls for People to Fight With Their Relatives Over Trump on Christmas Eve

The grinches at BuzzFeed are trying to stir up some holiday turmoil by urging their readers to fight with relatives that support President Donald Trump during the holiday season.

The op-ed, published on Christmas Eve, is subtitled “go ahead, ruin Christmas.”

The author began by citing articles that called for civility at holiday tables, mocking their attempts at keeping families together.

I say, bring on the turmoil. It is absolutely appropriate and approvable for blood ties to be subordinated to truth-telling at this moment of existential crisis. The normal standards of etiquette deserve to be violated when the conversation topic is whether a de facto monarchy should be enshrined by the Republican senators acting as Trump’s Praetorian Guard,” the call for fights continues.

The absurd article went on to compare the Trump presidency to the Civil War and WWII — seriously.

“Would we have felt that families on the opposite sides of the Civil War should have just agreed to disagree? When World War II was already raging in Europe and the United States was torn between isolationists and interventionists, should we just have passed the gravy and chatted about college football? What about the periods when female suffrage, civil rights legislation, and marriage equality were dividing the nation?” BuzzFeed’s post asked.

The call-to-action concludes that ruining holidays is important to “preserve the republic.”

“Those of us who despair over our nation’s slide into authoritarianism, into one-man and one-party rule with the window-dressing of vestigial democratic institutions, have no reason to compromise, not among strangers and not among our nuclear and extended families. A ruined holiday qualifies as a relatively gentle reminder that preserving the republic matters just a tiny bit more than making small talk and having proper table manners.”


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