WTH? Twitter Unlocks Tom Arnold’s Verified Account Day After His Back-Up Account That Posted Violent Threat Was Taken Down

Twitter unlocked the verified account of Trump-hating actor Tom Arnold on Tuesday even though Arnold used a back-up account in his 6-year-old son’s name to evade a week-long suspension for racist, sexually abusive tweets made to Trump supporters Diamond and Silk. The back-up account was suspended Monday night after it was used to tweet a threat of violence (“Snitches get stitches narc”) against those who reported Arnold’s main account for his abusive tweets to Diamond and Silk. Earlier in October Twitter took down a tweet by Arnold that made an assassination comment to President Trump.

Arnold’s verified blue check mark was still affixed to his Twitter handle as he tweeted Tuesday, raising the question of how evenly Twitter applies rules and sanctions based on political leanings.

Arnold’s first tweet Tuesday was about his appearance on the traveling Family Feud Live show in Clearwater, Florida Monday night.

Arnold later posted several motivational tweets for those with addiction issues to seek help. Arnold said this week in a radio interview he has been clean and sober for several years. Example:

Arnold was locked out his account last week by Twitter after he posted racist, sexually abusive tweets to Diamond and Silk:

It took a day, but Arnold’s tweet was taken down by Twitter for violating posting rules.

A follow-up racist, sexist tweet by Arnold that stayed up for several days was taken down late Sunday night or Monday.

“You wrote @ me first. Expressed your bug ass love for me on Twitter many times. You’ve made sexy videos about me for the world to see. You SAID MY NAME. Now stop playin G’s. Our love is sacred. Get on over here. Grab Popeyes Chicken on way. Wings & thighs. Dark meat only babies.”

— Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) October 27, 2019

The Twitter account in the name of Arnold’s son, @thejaxarnold, dormant for a month, became active the day Arnold was locked out of his verified account. Arnold first posted to the @thejaxarnold account about his new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Many tweets were posted after that including a November 3rd tweet that threatened violence against those who reported Arnold’s abusive tweets against Diamond and Silk. The @thejaxarnold account was suspended by Twitter Monday night.

The “Snitches get stiches narc” tweet with list of recipients and screen image.

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