What is Wrong with Joe Biden? Biden Jumbles Numbers, Takes Out His Paper Schedule From His Pocket at CNN Town Hall (VIDEO)

This was awkward.

2020 Democrat hopeful Quid Pro Joe Biden spoke at a CNN town hall Monday evening in Grinnell, Iowa where he jumbled numbers and awkwardly fumbled around for his paper schedule that was in his front pocket.

As expected, CNN town hall attendees only threw softball questions to old Uncle Joe rather than asking him tough questions about his pay-to-play scheme involving his drug addict son Hunter.


All of the questions Monday night were CNN approved. Imagine our shock.

Biden was asked how he plans on fixing the problem of veterans not receiving proper mental health care.

Biden has spent almost 50 years in government, 8 of those years in the White House as Vice President, but he’s going to fix things this time.

After saying “I won’t do it now,” Biden then takes out his paper schedule from his pocket and shows everyone his schedule, doing “it” now.

A few seconds later, Biden jumbles numbers when talking about US troops.

“US daily troop update — US troops dead — died — 6,900,” Biden said. “Yesterday was 6,989,” he added.

What is wrong with Biden? He can’t even do simple math.


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