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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Two Days After Italian News Reported His Kidnapping – Maltese Professor Mifsud Reportedly Living in Small Italian Town in Late 2017

Two days after Italian news reported that Joseph Mifsud was kidnapped on Halloween in 2017 by the Italians .

Italian news LaVerita is reported two days ago that Joseph Mifsud was kidnapped in Rome on Halloween in 2017. In the reported government kidnapping, Mifsud wasn’t given the chance to take his things from his home either.

Today we wake to news that a new tape has surfaced apparently from Mifsud himself stating that he is still alive –

Another report revealed that Mifsud stayed in Esanatoglia, a small town in Italy, in a home owned by a Link Board member during the last months of 2017 –

FOX News reported


On Wednesday, Italian publication Adnkronos published audio — sent to them in two separate encrypted files — claiming to be Mifsud and taped on November 11.

“I have absolutely no contact with friends and family for several months,” the voice in the audio claims. “It has been almost two years now that the whole matter has exploded and been presented to the world media and on the world stage as if I had something to do with matters concerning countries or had I tried to infiltrate it, it is absolutely absurd, in programs, contacts or any other institution in the world. I have been a man of relationships all my life and this is what I do well.”



It looks like Mifsud was in Italy for some time after reportedly being kidnapped –


We really don’t know where Joseph Mifsud is.  Mifsud’s whereabouts are currently unknown!  Let’s hope he’s found soon so we can find out all he knows about the Russia collusion hoax.

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