“That Is an Opinion!” – BOOM! Watch Pete Hegseth SHUT DOWN Anti-Trumper Ed Henry on Schiff’s Show Trials – Excellent! (VIDEO)


Pete Hegseth BLASTED Ed Henry on the Sunday morning FOX and Friends couch this morning after Ed Henry, once again, started pushing the liberal lies on impeachment.

Ed Henry was defending the Schiff Show Trials again on Sunday morning. Henry insisted that the witnesses scheduled this coming week in front of the Schiff show trials are not “never-Trumpers” — which is a ridiculous statement!
You can’t be pro-Trump and also be part of a resistance that believes presidents can be impeached over nonsense and make believe “bribery” charges.

That’s when Pete Hegseth jumped in to blast him.

Pete Hegseth: Not even close. And you use the term “unusual.” Well, what do you think this presidency is? He’s done everything differently…

Ed Henry: This is inapproapriate…

Pete Hegseth: Again, that is an opinion! That is an opinion of someone and if you’ve been to Washington, everyone’s got one.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend:

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