Ted Malloch: The Ukrainian Minister of Defense

Guest post by Ted Malloch

Lt. Col. Vindman and Steve Castor

We just heard that National Security Council Ukraine desk officer, Lt Col Alexander Vindman, a US Army careerist for over twenty years, was offered multiple times to become Minister of Defense for another country—the Ukraine.

The Soviet born, Ukrainian and Russian speaking specialist, was at the very center of the impeachment hearings when this was divulged by the Republican counsel, Steve Castor.

Think about that.

Vindman, who thought himself in charge of US policy and the all-important military assistance to the Ukraine, which is under attack on its eastern borders, was seriously and multiple times offered this prestigious and very powerful position.


Does he have divided loyalties?

What is behind such an effort or recruitment?

Is Vindman working for the US and President Trump or potentially for a foreign power?

He relayed he reported these offers to his superiors, including Dr Fiona Hill, but they did nothing about it.

It was business as usual.

The Lt Col found Trump’s call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky irregular and “improper”.

As if he is the judge and he alone sets US policy.

He is way down the chain of command as a mid-level bureaucrat but thinks the duly elected President should ONLY follow his policy and his talking points.

He said under oath he did not leak to the press.

Let’s see. His peers thought otherwise.

He did admit sharing information about the call with two individuals: one George P. Kent at the State Department; and the other in the intel community.

When pressed he would not name him even under subpoena. He sort of hinted he was at the CIA. Then he more or less took the Fifth!

We all know who that is: Eric Ciaramella, the so-called whistleblower. But Rep. Adam Schiff stepped in the “protect” his name. A person he claimed he did not know.

How could he name him if he under oath said he did not know who he was?


Perhaps, we should detail the Lt Col when decommissioned back to his Ukrainian friends where he could serve both masters.


THEODORE ROOSEVELT MALLOCH, scholar-diplomat-strategist was active in the 2016 Trump campaign. His new book, TRUMP’S WORLD: Geo Dues is to be released shortly.



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