Guest post by author and professor Ted Malloch

The White House announced at the end of last week that Pam Bondi, 54, former Republican, Florida Attorney General, had been hired to coordinate and be the “public face” of the response to the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

For one of the greatest dramas in American political history, Bondi is straight out of “central casting,” said Adam Goodman, who engineered her run for Florida Attorney General back in 2010.

“She feels the moment. This was the moment she could be most impactful for the President and the country,” Goodman said.

“People are going to discover all over again what Pam Bondi’s made of.”

Just in time — Trump is bringing an excellent legal head and a very effective communicator to the scene—his rescue.

Trump is capable of doing many things at once and is his own best strategist and communicator, but he needs someone he trusts, a true loyalist, by his side to make the case, to constantly appear on television and online to ensure this impeachment scam is controlled and, in the end, WON.

Let’s face it, this will be fought in the media, not just in Congress.

Swaying public sentiment is all important, given the Democrats’ stupidity, the media complicity, and the fact that this is moving into the 2020 election year.

Pam Bondi was an effective murder prosecutor in Tampa, TV personality, and well-regarded Attorney General in Florida who stole the limelight.  Throughout her career, she has been a strong proponent of law and order, something clearly missing in the Democrats’ argument in this impeachment circus.

Overall, Bondi was extremely effective, photogenic and convincing.

She cuts across all demographics and is particularly good with suburban women—who are critically important to Trump’s re-election bid.

As a Tri-Delt, and the first female Attorney General of Florida,

Bondi is adored by women as a person who stands her ground, is incredibly professional and persuasive, and comes across exceptionally well.

She also scores extraordinarily well across all demographics and ages, including seniors.  She knows and relates to people in a natural, no-nonsense way.

Look, she won 55 percent of the vote in her own state-wide re-election bid.

As a former prosecutor, Bondi knows her way around the courtroom and how to make a case, too. She is an attorney you want on your side.

As a guest host on FOX TV, Bondi is media savvy and can look you directly in the eye and plead a strong argument, using the right words. She is most believable.

She knows how to be concise and to the point.

Former Treasury Department spokesman, Tony Sayegh will also join the West Wing and assist on communications, strategy, and other special projects. He is considered an experienced media guru and a close associate to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

With this talented team Trump will finally have the support he needs.

As an energetic President who works round the clock, Trump can focus on running the country, serving as Commander and Chief, and make the pitch for his second term.

He will be aided enormously by having Bondi and Sayegh by his side to work this scam of a side show.

“Trump is the American commander-in-chief, a mantle he wears comfortably. But he has also, if reluctantly, taken on the role of the leader of the free world, if not the whole wide world. That is why we subtitled our new book TRUMP’S WORLD, Geo Deus. “

Trump is in many ways akin to Saint Michael slaying the dragon, executing a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and daily wrestling down the whole world, now unfortunately including the likes of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

“Miraculous” barely covers what the man gets away with and achieves on a daily basis.

Pam Bondi will be his personal angel in this fight.

She is a God-sent. 

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is a scholar, diplomat, and strategist who was active in the Trump campaign in 2016. His soon to be released book, is Trump’s World.

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