Steve Bannon, President Trump’s Former Chief Strategist, Warns The 2020 Campaign Will Be the “Nastiest in American History” But if “We Win – We Save the Country!”

Steven Bannon spoke at the Eagle Council in September.  In his brief message he warned that the next twelve months are going to be the worst political years in US history.

Steve Bannon spoke at the Eagle Council in St. Louis in September.  He began his talk mentioning how Phyllis Schlafly backed candidate Trump in 2016 and how he reminded her of Ronald Reagan.  He mentioned that when she passed in the fall of that year, candidate Trump and his beautiful wife Melania and Bannon and others took time out to attend her funeral.

Bannon remembered Schlafly as a “lioness of anti-communism”.  He then noted that “70% of Americans believed that we were in decline after the Obama years.”

After talking about China and Huawei, Bannon talked about the destruction of middle America through the loss of jobs and therefore the dignity of the American worker and the increase of opioids filling the hole in the heart of America.  Trump was the answer.

Bannon then talked about the 2020 election.  He said –

You think it’s been nasty to date?  You haven’t seen anything.  The 2020 campaign will go down as the most vitriolic and nastiest in American history.  And it’s very simple.  We win.  We save the country.  We lose, we’re gonna lose this country.

Every generation, the 13 or 14 generations that have come before us have bequeathed this to us.  It’s on our shoulders.  A hundred years from now they’re going to talk about this.  Is Donald Trump perfect?  He is not perfect.  He’s the first to admit he’s not perfect.  But in a time and place, it is 100% providential that Donald J. Trump is President of the United States in this time.”

Get ready and get going – We must save the country for our children!

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