Schiff Impeachment Circus Reduced to Deep State Witness Fiona Hill Talking About Her Pigtails as a Schoolgirl (VIDEO)

Adam Schiff’s closing witness Thursday in the Democrat impeachment show trials was Fiona Hill.

Fiona Hill is a Deep State-Soros hack who admitted she was shown the phony, Hillary-funded Steele dossier one day before BuzzFeed published it in January of 2017.

Adam Schiff’s circus impeachment was reduced to Fiona Hill talking about her pigtails she wore as a schoolgirl.


Democrat hack Rep. Jackie Speier (CA), in an attempt to make Fiona Hill look tough, brought up a story about a schoolboy setting Hill’s pigtails on fire when she was 11 years old.

“I understand when you were 11 years old, there was a schoolboy who set your pigtails on fire…you snuffed out the fire and proceeded to finish your test. Is that a true story?” Speier asked.

“It is a true story,” Hill said. “It had some very unfortunate consequences. Afterwards, my mother gave me a bowl haircut. So for the school photograph…I looked like Richard III.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the impeachment circus brought to you by ringleader Adam Schiff.

No wonder why no one is watching these pathetic Soviet-style show trials.

Just 4.7% of American adults are watching the impeachment hearings. It would be more entertaining to watch paint dry.


Take note of the man in the blue-striped tie behind Rep. Speier — he is Schiff’s top aid Sean Misko and CIA ‘whistleleaker’ Eric Ciaramella’s old NatSec crony.

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