Rich Liberal Joy Behar Tells Don Jr.: “I Don’t Care About Jobs as Long as Trump is in the White House” (VIDEO)

What an amazing show! Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle joined the far left cast on “The View” on Thursday.

It was a stunning example of why you can never trust the liberal media.

And Donald Trump Jr. was just AMAZING! It took real guts and patience to sit through those vicious attacks coming from all sides.


Including this gem from one of The View co-hosts who pieced together two separate sections of the Trump transcript with President Zelensky to make it look like the US President brought up Joe Biden!

These people are such liars.

Donald Trump Jr. was flawless in this hostile environment as we previously reported about Joy Behar in blackface.

There was one very significant segment which most all ignored.

At one point Donald Trump Jr. talked about the great economy and the jobs his father created, while the rest of the mob focused on “character and tweets” and such.

Joy Behar said to that, “I don’t care about the jobs, so long as Trump is in the White House.”

Imagine, they don’t care about millions of people to have jobs, so long as they get rid of the president they loathe.

Here is the video.

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