REPORT: DNC Hack Chalupa Who Is Caught Up in Ukraine-Gate – Worked with US Hackers who Interfered in 2016 Election

Guest post by Lee Stranahan

The involvement of Democratic National Committee operative Alexandra Chalupa working with the Obama administration and unknown “American hackers” to interfere in the 2016 election appears to be confirmed.

Chalupa can thank  her sister, a Democratic activist Andrea Chalupa, for a number of tweets following the election that confirm Alexandra’s involvement with the nefarious hackers.

As Gateway Pundit reported exclusively last week, DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa made a stunning admission the day after the 2016 election where the American people chose Donald Trump as their next President.  Chalupa wrote a Facebook post confessing that she was part of part of the operation by the Obama DOJ and DHS working with unknown “hackers.” Alexandra Chalupa admitted:

Homeland Security / DOJ teamed up with a group that is part of Anonymous based in Washington, DC called “The Protectors.“

As Gateway Pundit also reported, Alexandra’s Democrat activist sister Andrea Chalupa repeated the claim that that “hackers” were “protecting” voters from Russia, posting a tweet that said:

My sister led Trump/Russia research at DNC. US hackers protecting voting systems believe Russia hacked vote tallies .

That tweet was part of a multi-day post election rant by Andrea Chalupa that would set the tone for the next two years: that Donald Trump had won due to “Russians.”

The Chalupa sisters allegations that Russian hackers had handed the election to President Trump seem especially bizarre given that the multi-million dollar Mueller probe flop didn’t even attempt to claim that Russians had hacked voting systems.

However, a look at other tweets posted by Andrea Chalupa around the same time period reveal that she repeatedly made claims that an “Anonymous” connected hacking group were working directly with the Obama administration.

If Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa’s claims are in any way true, they raise serious national security and election integrity concerns.

Not only do the Chalupa admissions raise obvious questions about who the “hackers” are that were working with the DOJ, but they require asking why the DOJ would be working with unknown and potentially criminal outsiders?

Additionally, if such an operation took place, why were these hackers working with the DOJ and DHS and telling partisan Democrats about it in real time?

And why did those Democrats talk openly about that operation, with apparent no fear of the legal consequences?

Add to that, Alexandra’s connection to CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, who many believe is the fake “whistleblower” that helped set the Ukraine-Gate hoax into action and you have the makings of a serious scandal that in sane world would be investigated immediately.

At about 8:30 pm Eastern Time on November 10th, 2016 Andrea Chalupa states very clearly that hackers from Anonymous were not only inexplicably working with Obama’s Department of Justice on Election Day, but that these hackers were in contact with her sister Alexandra Chalupa, a longtime DNC operative.

Andrea wrote:

[email protected] @slavapestov All election day Anonymous hackers working w/DOJ updated my sister: they were at war w/RU hackers in our systems

However, even Andrea Chalupa’s mob of crazed anti-Trump followers found her claims impossible to believe. A number of them pushed back on how completely implausible her claims of Trump winning the election because of Russian hacking were.

Undeterred by evidence or logic, further in the same thread Andrea quotes “American hackers” who she says were promoting the now-debunked conspiracy theory about Russians hacking the election, tweeting:

[email protected] @slavapestov Russian hackers entered US voting systems in summer.US hackers believe they downloaded malware to influence count.

Later the same night, responding to a Twitter comment by pollster Frank, Andrea Chalupa appears to be quoting information she got from the ”Anonymous hackers” she says are working with the DOJ:

Anonymous hackers protecting state systems w/DOJ from Russian hackers believe vote tallies falsified by malware. Reason why exit polls off:

In a tweet also posted on November 10th, Andrea Chalupa repeated the claim that Anonymous was working with Obama’s Department of Justice, saying:

[email protected] According to Anonymous hackers working w/DOJ to protect voting systems,Russian hackers planted malware across states months ago

These repeated admissions by the Chalupa sisters that the Obama administration was working with an unknown group of “hackers” who were informing Hillary Clinton campaign operatives of their progress, represent a story that both the mainstream media and their comrades in the Democrat party have buried…so far.

However, as the name Chalupa is becoming known to the public and Congress as key figures in the Democrats 2016 election interference, here’s hoping that their confessions will be investigated by Congress and the Trump Department of Justice.