President Trump Demands “Whistleblower” Come Forward and Explain His Deal with ‘Corrupt Shifty Schiff’

President Trump on Friday evening went after the CIA leaker who is trying to pass himself off as a whistleblower and demanded he come forward and explain himself.

TRUMP: The Whistleblower must come forward to explain why his account of the phone call with the Ukrainian President was so inaccurate (fraudulent?). Why did the Whistleblower deal with corrupt politician Shifty Adam Schiff and/or his committee?

On Wednesday investigative journalist Paul Sperry reported that one person’s name keeps coming up in the impeachment hearings that fits the description of the whistleblower (leaker) — Eric Ciaramella.

33-year-old Ciaramella is a registered Democrat, worked for Obama, worked for Biden, worked for CIA Director John Brennan, he’s a vocal critic of Trump and he helped initiate the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax investigation!

Mr. Ciaramella is a CIA officer who specializes in Russia and Ukraine who was detailed to work in the National Security Council under Susan Rice in 2015.

He was then moved into the West Wing in 2017 to ‘fill a vacancy’ where he was able to ‘see and read everything.

Ciaramella’s identity is an open secret in the DC swamp and he even worked with DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa to take down Paul Manafort.

President Trump and Americans have every right to demand answers from Eric Ciaramella, a Brennan plant who leaked an inaccurate version of President Trump’s classified phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the legislative branch so the rabid Democrat lawmakers can launch an impeachment inquiry.

Ciaramella met with House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff’s staffers in August before he filed the whistleblower complaint.

Schiff lied on national television during a media interview about his early contact with Ciaramella and now he’s spearheading a Soviet-style impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

This is seditious coup and Ciaramella must answer to the American people.

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