People Worldwide Are Standing Up to Communists, Regimes and Insane Elitist Policies – People Just Want to be Free!

People around the world are standing up to communists, tyrannical regimes and insane elitist policies.  The movement that started with Brexit and the Trump Presidency is expanding to all parts of the globe.


In Iraq, its citizens are standing up against the brutal Iran regime that took over after Obama pulled US troops from the country.

After Obama was elected President in 2008, he removed all US troops from Iraq.  Iraq was at that time the most peaceful and free it had maybe ever been.  The surge resulted in Iraqis supporting the US presence and helping Americans rid the country of terrorists. However, Obama had other plans.

In short order American troops were removed from Iraq and a vacuum was created.  On the west, Iran entered Iraq and on the east ISIS entered the unprotected country.  This led to many innocent lives lost and atrocities the world has not seen in centuries.

After President Trump was elected, ISIS was destroyed.  The western portion of Iraq was freed from the devils created by the Obama administration.  But the rest of Iraq was still under a the heavy hand of Iraq.

Today the people of Iraq are standing up to the Iranian regime –

Protests continue in spite of threats from the government and Iran –

Heros risking their lives for freedom –

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong young protesters are standing up to the communist regime in China.  China’s efforts to remove individual rights have led to massive protests –

November 11th was a bloody day –

The government put in place a law that prevented Hong Kong protesters from wearing masks which didn’t stop the protesters –


In Lebanon the people are standing up against the government’s corruption and recent tax increase with peaceful protests –

Women led a candlelight march one evening –


Marxist tyrant Evo Morales was ousted this week.  The Chavista communist ruled the South American country for years.

Of course, the international far left media calls the opposition a “far right fundamentalist Christian opposition.”



In Spain the people are standing up to the insane policies of the European elites.  The VOX party recently won more seats in the government with a nationalist platform that is anti-abortion and anti-illegal immigration.

The VOX party is the number one party of the young in Spain – it’s their future –

Human beings were made to be free.  We demand it.  It is who we are.

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