Pelosi Once Again Calls on President Trump to Prove to the Impeachment Committee He is Innocent – Invites Him to Testify (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once again called on President Trump to prove to the impeachment committee that he is innocent.

To be clear, the House of Representatives has not voted on articles of impeachment and they still have not named the specific crime(s) President Trump committed.

President Trump is being denied due process and now the Democrats are turning the Constitution upside down and telling Trump he has to prove he is innocent.

Pelosi spoke to CBS host Margaret Brennan about the ongoing sham impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

The Speaker admitted that the House Dems haven’t even made a decision to impeach Trump, and in the same sentence called on the President to present evidence that he is innocent.

“I have no idea,” Pelosi said on whether “bribery” will be an article of impeachment. “There’s not even a decision made to impeach the president.”

That’s because the Democrats are still searching for a crime — Joseph Stalin would be proud.

Pelosi then invited Trump to testify and prove to the impeachment committee he is innocent.

“If the President has information that demonstrates his innocence in all of this, which we haven’t seen,” Pelosi said claiming the transcript of Trump’s phone call to Zelensky, which has already been publicly released, is “tucked away in a highly sensitive compartmentalized intelligence server, so we can’t see that.”

The burden is actually on the prosecution to prove that President Trump committed a crime.

As far as the exculpatory evidence Pelosi is demanding, READ THE TRANSCRIPT of Trump’s July 25 and April phone calls to Zelensky — both of which have been declassified and publicly released.


Robert Mueller treated President Trump the same way during his presser earlier this year when he acted like he was God and said he did not exonerate Trump because he couldn’t prove he didn’t commit any crimes.

As far as ‘exculpatory evidence,’ the Democrats have denied Trump due process and won’t allow his legal counsel to attend the impeachment show trials nor are they allowing evidence to be introduced into the hearings.

Furthermore, the House Republicans have already provided four key pieces of evidence that there was no quid pro quo, no pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the Biden crime family.

Ukraine received military aid from the US three weeks early and Zelensky did not launch an investigation into the Bidens in exchange for the aid — NO QUID PRO QUO, NO BRIBERY.

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