New: General Flynn’s Lawyers to Formally Ask Judge Sullivan to Toss Out Entire DOJ Case For “Egregious Government Misconduct”

General Mike Flynn’s lawyers will be filing a motion to formally asking Judge Sullivan to have him throw out the entire DOJ case “for egregious government misconduct and in the interest of justice.”

Sidney Powell and two of Flynn’s other attorneys responded to the government’s Surreply and accused them of not addressing the Brady Material that is still being withheld from the defendant.

The Justice Department on Friday responded to Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell’s motion to compel production of Brady Material and to hold prosecutors in contempt.

Sidney Powell filed a motion a couple weeks ago revealing that General Flynn was indeed set up by the FBI with an ambush, damaging leaks and altered 302 reports.

Powell revealed that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page EDITED General Mike Flynn’s 302 report, then lied to the DOJ about the edits.

A 302 summary report consists of contemporaneous notes taken by an FBI agent when interviewing a subject.

“Lisa Page, Special Counsel to Deputy Director McCabe, resigned; she edited Mr. Flynn’s 302 and was part of a small, high-level group that strategically planned his ambush.” the filing said.

The DOJ Friday argued in a surreply that Sidney Powell’s motion should be denied because there were “no material changes made after 2/10/2017 to the draft of the January 24 interview report.”

However, there is evidence to the contrary.

“In conclusion, yes, the government engaged in conduct so shocking to the conscious and so inimical to our system of justice that it requires the dismissal of the charges for outrageous government conduct,” the filing said.

Flynn’s lawyers did not give a specific time when the motion would be filed.

“At the appropriate time, Mr. Flynn will file a separate motion asking that the Court dismiss the prosecution for egregious government misconduct and in the interest of justice. Mr. Flynn is entitled to discovery of the materials he has requested in these motions and brief that will help him support such a motion.”

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