New Docs Show Peter Strzok’s Wife FURIOUS About His Cheating – Threatened to Blow it All Up – Called Lisa Page to Confront Her About the Affair!

The DOJ released a letter revealing some juicy exchanges between former FBI Counterintel chief Peter Strzok and his paramour FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Recall, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were both dismissed from the Mueller investigation in the summer of 2017 after DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found out the two were having an extramarital affair.

It was also revealed that the two FBI lovebirds exchanged anti-Trump text messages while they were tasked to investigate “Trump Russia collusion.”

On Monday, new emails were released showing just how furious Peter Strzok’s wife was when she found out about her husband’s cheating ways.

Peter Strzok sent Lisa Page a panicked message saying, “My wife has my phone.” — Apparently Strzok’s wife was calling Lisa Page from his phone and leaving Page voicemails after she found hotel reservations and pictures revealing the affair!

“Your wife left me a VM. Am I supposed to respond? She thinks we’re having an affair. Should I call and correct her understanding? Leave this to you to address?” a panicked Lisa Page responded.

Strzok replied, “I don’t know. I said we were close friends and nothing more. She knows I sent you flowers. I said you were having a tough week.”

This explanation did not calm Strzok’s wife — in fact she threatened to blow it all up!

The DOJ stated, “During a text exchange from April 4-8, 2017, you and [Lisa Page] discussed that your wife had access to your devices and had located Page’s husband’s full name, found a hotel reservation ostensibly used by you and Page during a romantic encounter, had access to photographs from your phone, threatened to send all the information to Lisa Page’s husband, and also threatened to hire a private investigator.”

Lisa Page was even scared Strzok’s wife would use ‘recovery software’ to locate other evidence of their affair on their devices!

Strzok’s wife found the receipts and threatened to blow it all up!

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