MORE LIES: Marie Yovanovitch Lied About Her “Do Not Prosecute” List Says Ukrainian Prosecutor (VIDEO)

Fired anti-Trump Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch spoke in front of the Schiff show trial on Friday.

She was fired before President Trump’s Trump call with Ukrainian President Zelensky but she performed well in her basement star chamber audition so she made it to the main stage on Friday.

Democrats for three years have been on a mission to remove President Trump based on nothing.
And this week they admitted they have nothing but psychotic rage for this record-setting American president.

During her opening statement on Friday Yovanovitch lied and said the Obama administration never raised the issue of Burisma or Hunter Biden with her.

But then later said she was warned. She lied.

In her opening statement Yovanovitch also denied pressuring former Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko not to investigate anti-corruption individuals or groups.

Marie Yovanovitch: As for events during my tenure in the Ukraine, I want to reiterate first the allegation that I disseminated a ‘do not prosecute’ list was a fabrication. Mr. Lutshenko, the former Ukrainian prosecutor general who made that allegation has acknowledged that that list never existed.

Lou Dobbs: Oooh, not quite! Not quite! As investigative journalist John Solomon and The New York Times have both reported Lutsenko denies that he ever retracted that allegation.

This was the second lie by Yovanovitch today during her hearing.
There may have been more.

Roger Stone will face years in prison for less.

Yovanovitch will be cheered a hero.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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