Journalist Andy Ngo Suspended From Twitter Over Tweet at Chelsea Clinton Regarding the Trans Murder Rate

Andy Ngo, the Editor-at-large at The Post Millennial, has been temporarily suspended from Twitter over a tweet at Chelsea Clinton regarding the murder rate of trans people.

Ngo, who is also gay, responded to a tweet by Clinton discussing the fact that over 150 trans people have been murdered in the US since 2013, the majority of whom were black. The journalist had responded pointing out that this is one of the safest nations for trans people and that the majority of the murders have been committed by black men.

“The US is one of the safest countries for trans people. The murder rate of trans victims is actually lower than that for cis population. Also, who is behind the murders? Mostly black men.” Ngo responded.

In response, Twitter limited Ngo’s account for twelve hours, claiming that he violated the rules against hateful conduct.

“Stating a verifiable empirical claim with no value judgement attached is determined to be ‘hateful conduct’ by Twitter. The platform most used by journalists to communicate and counter ‘fake news’ also actively punishes individuals for communicating truths when they are deemed politically inconvenient,” Ngo said in a statement to TPM.

The facts in Ngo’s tweet are backed up by extensive reporting conducted by Chad Felix Greene at the Federalist, who found that indeed most murders have been committed by black men — and that the two largest known categories of murders occur as a result of domestic violence and prostitution.


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