“It’s Done!” – Jesse Watters Claims the Schiff Show is Over …And He’s Right!

Jesse Watters says the Schiff Show hoax is over.  It’s done.  Sorry Juan Williams, they tried and they failed.

According to Jesse Watters – it’s over –

We’re going to look back at 2019 like what?  They did nothing…What happened today?  Somebody overheard a phone call?    So what?  He eve’s dropped?  The President said I don’t give a blank about Ukraine?  So what, neither does the country?

Jesse was great!  Jesse was right.  The Schiff Show is a travesty and a horrible joke.  The Democrats put their witnesses up and there was nothing.  Schiff made up the President’s phone call.  Schiff is a disgrace.  The Democrats are a disgrace!

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