Iran Protests Update: Police Shoot Democracy Protesters Point Blank in the Street – The World Leaders Must Condemn Oppression!

By Editors of The Free Iran Herald 

Now bringing you daily updates on the events unfolding in Iran

More Iranian protesters who were brutally murdered by the Khomeinist regime during recent days are being identified.

While the Khomeiniist regime appears to have stabilized its internal situation, for now, after several days of massive repression, Iranians are still using their newly restored Internet access to upload videos of atrocities committed by regime officials and their forces.

In one, a member of the security forces in the northern city of Gorgan is seen smashing a protestor’s head with an axe before shooting and killing him, at close range.


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🔞(⚠️صحنه خشن) سردارعلی فدوی جانشین فرمانده سپاه: “در جریان اخیر، خیلی از مردم در حالی‌که از فاصله یک متری، و یک‌ و نیم متری از پشت به آنها شلیک شده، کشته شده‌اند و این یعنی گلوله از میان خودشان شلیک شده است. اشرار با کُلت‌های خفیف خود از پشت مردم را می‌کشتند و این قطعا برای مردم تشریح خواهد شد.” این هم یک نمونه عینی و سازمانی که مامور سرکوب داره از فاصله بسیار نزدیک تیراندازی می‌کنه و بعدشم يك مآمور ديگه يا جان به لب رسيده اى ديگر براى اينكه طرف زجر بيشتر نكشه با يك تبر مى زنه توى فرق سر اين معترض؛ شايدم به پشتيبانى از پليس و واقعآ روى اين فيلم نميشه داورى كرد و گويا اين معترض تبر دار قبلش براى پليس داشته كُرى ميخونده و اين فيلم بايست در دادگاه هاى صالحه قضاوت شود و حالا كو اون دادگاه صالحه كه اين فيلمها رو علنى كند و به معرض ديد عموم بذاره و داورى كنه و توى آرشيواتون دوستان خوبم اين فيلم رو نگهدارين كه ممكنه بررسى اينگونه موارد به عمر ماها قد نده📈 beehnam ‘گرگان ۲۵ آبان۹۸’ adamskhrsi 🆔 behkam1

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In Sirjan, scene of some of the worst violence last week, the county manager there has confirmed that he himself gave the order to fire on and kill demonstrators.

Amena Shahbazi, a brave woman, lost her life, while simply trying to help a man who had been mortally wounded by regime forces. She was then shot to death, in return.

Proof has also emerged that it was the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) that attacked homes and cars at random, while posing as protestors, to turn everyday Iranians against the demonstrators.

The number of those arrested last week remains unclear. Amnesty International is citing 4,800 detained, but opposition activists inside Iran are providing numbers as high as 10,000 people, over 165 cities. According to these reports, the detainees are being held at Fashafouyeh Prison in Shahr’e Rey, south of Tehran, and in Eslamshahr, Quds Town, Shahriar, Karaj and Shadeghiyeh. In Fashafouyeh Prison, the detainees are said to have been subjected to brutal torture, and other prisoners have stated that they’ve heard the screaming from the torture sessions. Hassan Khalilabadi, head of the local council in Shahr-e Rey, said that not only the prisoners, but even wardens and other prison staff are living in extremely difficult conditions at Fashafouyeh Prison.

In the past, political prisoners have gone on hunger strike to protest the horrific conditions inside Fashafouyeh.

Arrests are still continuing. Regime media announced the detention of 34 yesterday, 15 in Shiraz, where some of the heaviest fighting occurred, two in Hamedan, and 17 in Lorestan province, which has seen heavy protesting after hundreds of inhabitants of a village there were infected with HIV because of contaminated needles used by the regime’s health service.

In Mahshahr, in Khuzestan, on Saturday, one detainee died while under torture. Hamid Sheikhani, a 35-year-old husband and father, had no prior health problems, and according to his family, upon receiving the body, they could see obvious marks of torture.

According to an eyewitness in Mahshahr, who saw the IRGC shooting and killing across the entire city, even targeting women and children, members of the IRGC’s ethnic-Afghan Liwa Fatemiyoun (also known as the Afghan Hezbollah) were brought into Mahshahr to quash the uprising there.

Despite the momentary lull, once can be sure that protests will quickly resume in Iran. As a fallout from the rise in gasoline prices, the issue which caused the protests to erupt on the 15th, prices of other commodities in Iran, including fruit and vegetables, are now increasing by 25% to 50%, according to regime-controlled media, which is probably understating it. Iranians were already malnourished as a result of the previous price inflation of the past two years, and this means the lives of the average Iranians will only become even more difficult.

Knowing that he his organization has little support from living Iranians, an IRGC General, Ali Fadavi, on Saturday, asked female IRGC and Basij members to each have five children, in order to produce more “Shi’ite soldiers.”

Yet scenes like the below Instagram posts continue. People in Shiraz, gather in front of the Revolutionary Guards corporate headquarters (aka Khatam Al-Anbiya) tearing down the dictator’s banners and action against the regime continues.

Also, in areas where they are able to fight back against the security forces, they have and continue to do so. The below photo is of Revolutionary Guards commander Morteza Khosravani who was attacked by protesters in Shiraz. He is one of the main perpetrators of the suppression and killing protesters. He was caught and severely beaten by the protesters who broke his right arm and head, just as he was about to order further suppression of the people.

Revolutionary Guards commander Morteza Khosravani

Meanwhile, in neighboring Iraq, the month-long uprising against the Khomeiniist regime’s domination and interference there is continuing unabated, with no end in sight. This weekend 13 people were killed and over 150 were injured.


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در ادامه درگیری‌ها در عراق تنها در اعتراضات روز یکشنبه ۳ آذرماه دست کم ۱۳ نفر کشته شدند. به گزارش خبرگزاری آسوشیتدپرس، به گفته مقامات امنیتی و پزشکی هفت نفر از معترضان در استان جنوبی بصره و در نزدیکی بندر ام قصر کشته شدند. ماموران امنیتی بر معترضان در این منطقه آتش گشوده و از گاز اشک آور استفاده کرده بودند. یک مقام امنیتی در بصره به این خبرگزاری گفته است که روز یکشنبه یکی از بدترین روزهای اعتراضات در این کشور بوده که دست کم ۱۵۰ نفر در این روز زخمی شدند. همچنین گزارش‌ها حاکی است که چهار معترض نیز روز گذشته در استان ناصریه کشته شدند و دو معترض دیگر نیز شهرهای نجف و دیوانیه کشته شده‌اند. در اعتراضات روز گذشته معترضان در بصره اقدام به آتش زدن لاستیک ها در مرکز شهر کرده بودند و جاده های منتهی به ام قصر که بندر اصلی واردات کالا در عراق محسوب می شود را مسدود کردند به طوری که فعالیت های تجاری در این منطقه تعطیل شده بود. اعتراضات در عراق در حالی ادامه دارد که شمار کشته شدگان این اعتراضات علیه فساد، بیکاری، خدمات ضعیف و همچنین دخالت خارجی، بیش از ۳۰۰ نفر گزارش شده است. معترضان، به خصوص در پایتخت این کشور، که در ابتدا خواستار مبارزه با فساد، بیکاری و مشکلات اقتصادی بودند، بعد از سرکوب اعتراضات در برخی شهرها مطالبات‌شان را به کناره‌گیری دولت عراق از قدرت افزایش دادند. معترضان عراقی همچنین می‌گویند جمهوری اسلامی سعی دارد مشابه تجربه تضعیف ارتش خود و تقویت سپاه را در عراق با تضعیف ارتش رسمی آن کشور و تقویت حشد الشعبی، یا بسیج مردمی عراق، انجام دهد.

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Additionally, during the weekend, the meeting of the Manama Security Dialogue in Bahrain brought more discord between the United States and the European Union over how to respond to the Tehran regime’s provocations. The French defense minister, Florence Parly, claimed that the US was failing to respond to Tehran’s hostile actions against Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Persian Gulf over the past few months, stating that “We’ve seen a deliberate gradual US disengagement.” This was quite a reversal of policy, and a hypocritical one, for France, which had always opposed retaliating against Tehran-sponsored terrorism, and had up until very recently tried to preserve the 2015 nuclear agreement that had enabled Tehran’s virtual near-conquest of the region. For its part, the US, represented by Central Command chief General Kenneth McKenzie, asserted that only with international cooperation could Tehran be confronted. “Sometimes the Iranian regime has proved itself to be the bully in the neighborhood. And the only way to stand up to a bully is to do it together.” McKenzie also warned that Tehran might use its proxies to conduct more terrorist attacks, “The Iranian regime has conducted many non-attributable attacks in the past when they didn’t think anyone was looking. They prefer the darkness, where their activities can be hidden.”

Finally, on a lighter note, as noted by Iranian activists on Instagram, on Sunday, @SnoopDogg who was driving by shot a little video of the Iranian-American Los Angelinos rallying in support of the protesters in Iran and said: “It’s deep out here!” 

We know it is Snoop. Next time, get out of the car and join us! 


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. #اسنوپ_داگ، رپر پرآوازه‌ی آمریکایی، ویدئویی از تجمع ایرانیان ساکن لس‌آنجلس در حمایت از خیزش سراسری در ایران گرفته و در اینستاگرام خود با بیش از ۳۷ میلیون دنبال‌کننده، منتشر کرده است. . سلبریتی‌های ایرانی که یک پای‌شان در آمریکا و کاناداست و یک پای‌شان در ایران، برای #فرقه‌_تبهکار جمهوری اسلامی ماله‌کشی می‌کنند و در قبال قتل‌عام جوانان معترض در ایران سکوت کرده‌اند. . #ایران_را_پس_میگیریم #میدان_میلیونی #فرشگرد . @IranFarashgard

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