Hero 13-Year-Old Boy Hid His Siblings in the Bushes During Cartel Massacre and Walked 14 Miles to Get Help (VIDEO)

At least nine Americans including 6 children were killed in an apparent cartel ambush attack Monday in Mexico.

The cartel ambush was so severe that one of the cars EXPLODED!

Family members of the victims told CBS News the FBI is part of the investigation into the attack that they believe is linked to a Mexican drug cartel.


And Democrats say their is no crisis at the border!

A thirteen-year-old boy hid his siblings in the bushes and walked 14 miles to get help after the shooting.
What an amazing child!

FOX News reported:

A quick-thinking 13-year-old boy hid his bleeding siblings in the bushes and a mother saved her 7-month-old baby before she was killed, according to a relative of those murdered in Mexico during the horrific cartel massacre of U.S. citizens Monday.

It took relatives hours to reach the ambush site in Sonora and, when they arrived, they found the baby Faith in the bullet-riddled vehicle belonging to her 29-year-old mother, Christina Marie Langford Johnson, relative Kendra Lee Miller said in a lengthy Facebook post Tuesday morning.

Miller also described how the 13-year-old son of Dawna Ray Langford hid six of his siblings – five of whom were bleeding – in the bushes and covered them with branches to keep them safe while he went for help.

The teen, Devin Langford, who was uninjured, acted after his mother and two younger brothers, Trevor, 11 and Rogan, 2, were shot to death in front of his eyes, Miller said.

“When he took too long to return, his 9-year-old sister [Mckenzie] left the remaining five to try again,” she said. “Devin arrived in LaMora at 5:30 p.m., six hours after the ambush, giving the first news anyone had heard of his and Christina’s families.”

He walked 14 miles, she said.


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