HERE WE GO: Schiff to Call Witness Lev Parnes to Tell Congress Trump Admin Threatened to Freeze Ukraine Aid If Hunter Biden Not Investigated (VIDEO)

Lev Parnes – Adam Schiff’s great Ukrainian Hope

Radio host Rush Limbaugh warned of this Schiff  secret witness Lev Parnas earlier today.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are the two associates of Rudy Giuliani from Ukraine who were indicted by the Southern District of New York. That story is about a month old now. These two Ukrainian guys — associates of Rudy — claimed that things were being stacked in their favor. If they did this, they were gonna get that. Rudy was said to be right in the middle of their criminal activity, their suspicious activity.

They were originally both represented legally by John Dowd, who was Trump’s original defense lawyer. Lev Parnas has fired John Dowd and hired a lawyer by the name of Joseph Bondy. Joseph Bondy is “a New York City criminal defense and cannabis business attorney,” meaning he’s an attorney in the marijuana business. Sounds like a real beaut of a guy. Joseph Bondy is the new lawyer for Lev Parnas.

Now, the fact that Lev Parnas fired John Dowd and hired Bondy suggests that it was at least possible Parnas and Fruman were parting ways in their defense. They were gonna go it together, but now Fruman is still represented by Dowd; Parnas has fired Dowd and is going his own way. Now, it’s not a surprise the New York Times is reporting that Lev Parnas is saying that Rudy “directed him in May of ’19, 2019, to call the president of Ukraine,” Zelensky, “and to tell him that Zelensky’s aid would not be forthcoming if he didn’t agree to investigate the Bidens.”

The New York Times, again, is reporting that Parnas says that Rudy directed him in May of 2019 to tell the Ukrainian president that his aid would not be forthcoming if Ukraine did not agree to investigate the Bidens. Aid to Ukraine would be withheld and Vice President Pence would not show up at Zelensky’s swearing in. This is what Lev Parnas is now saying. So I think this is gonna be Schiff’s next guy. This is the next bombshell, meaning: “The whistleblower is no longer necessary.

“His information has been trumped,” so to speak, “by Lev Parnas.” The New York Times… Look, folks, when the New York Times is in a story, you can guarantee the whole thing is a manufactured event when the Times reporting on it as though it’s a legitimate news story that they have ferreted out, which is not the case here. They have simply been used, willingly, as they have been throughout this last three years.

The story in the Times “concedes that the other two people at the meeting — Fruman and the aide to Zelensky — say the conversation didn’t happen, as Parnas is alleging it happened.” So again to review: Parnas fires his lawyer — Trump’s original defense lawyer, John Dowd — and hires some guy that works in the cannabis business named Joseph Bondy.

The New York Times is reporting that Lev Parnas says Rudy told him in May of ’19 to tell the president of Ukraine, Zelensky, that “his aid would not be forthcoming if he didn’t investigate the Bidens” and Pence wouldn’t show up at Zelensky’s swearing-in ceremony.

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It should be noted that refusing aid to Ukraine is still not an impeachable offense.

On Lou Dobbs Tonight on Monday FOX News reporter John Roberts confirmed that Lev Parnas will likely be the Democrat Party’s surprise witness.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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