“He Is a Proven Liar, Leaker and Freak who is Really the one Who Should Be Impeached!” – TRUMP Goes After Top Democrat and Liar Adam Schiff

Democrat lawmakers voted Thursday morning on the Schiff Empowerment Act.

The vote today gave Democrats and Adam Schiff complete power over the impeachment proceedings, and blocked Republicans from releasing facts and transcripts and choosing witnesses.

The Trump White House is completely blocked from the process and Republicans and The White House will need approval from Adam Schiff throughout the entire process.
This is a complete sham.


Of course, the liberal mainstream media will not report truthfully on this vote.

This is a process you would expect to see in Communist Cuba or the former Soviet Union.
It says A LOT about today’s Democrat Party!

On Thursday morning Rep. Steve Scalise took to the floor and compared Democrats to the former Soviet Union!

When the public finds out how criminal and biased this impeachment process is under these Democrats THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WILL BE FURIOUS!

On Sunday night President Trump lashed out at Shifty Schiff the proven liar, leaker and FREAK.

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