Florida Voters Stun NBC News By Saying They Now Support Trump ‘More Than Ever’ (VIDEO)

NBC News recently went to Florida to talk to people who voted for Trump in 2016.

They were probably assuming that some of them had changed their minds about Trump but that is not what happened.

The people they spoke to support Trump even more now.

Rush Limbaugh talked about this on the air and provides a partial transcript:

RUSH: Now to the audio sound bites of the Drive-Bys desperately trying to find evidence that their work is working! This is what they’re doing. For the past year — for the past year, ever since the Mueller report came out — they have been hell-bent on convincing the American people Trump is corrupt and has gotta go…

RUSH: We’re gonna start with the Today show and a correspondent, Morgan Radford. They sent her down to Florida. It’s becoming comical now, folks. Literal horror on the Today show today. The correspondent came to Florida, interviewed Trump voters, cannot find any who have abandoned Trump, and they even love Donald Trump the person! Everything the media has attempted to create in terms of public opinion against Trump isn’t happening. Here’s the first bite.

RADFORD: Show of hands, how many of you voted for the president back in 2016? (nine voters all put their hand up) And how many of you plan to vote for him again in 2020? (nine voters all put their hand up again) All of you. You’re raising both hands. Would you say your support for the president now is more or less than it was when you first voted for him?

VOTERS: It’s more. More. A lot more.

RADFORD: More. And has the impeachment inquiry changed anything?

MALE VOTER 1: What inquiry?

FEMALE VOTER 1: It’s strengthened my love for him.

MALE VOTER 2: It’s galvanized our support.

RADFORD: So you support him more now.

MALE VOTER 2: We’re stronger than ever.

Watch the video:

Rush offered this analysis:

RUSH: Uh-oh. So there you have it: Black voters, Jewish voters love Trump, love Trump the person. They’re able to cite the fact that their lives are better because of Trump policies, that he has kept his promises, that black unemployment’s way down. One black guy there said that he remembered when Trump said, “Vote for me. What do you got to lose?” Meaning: “You have — for 50 years — voted for Democrats and have invested in the Democrats to make all things better for you, and it hasn’t happened. So what do you got to lose?”

And this guy said, “I voted for Trump and I’m never looking back.”

This is why Trump is likely to win in 2020 no matter who gets the Democrat nomination.

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