Even CNN Agrees Schiff Bombed Today: ‘Neither Witness Had Direct Contact with President Trump…That’s a Problem’ (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when CNN admits Schiff bombed today.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin admitted Wednesday afternoon that the two star witnesses Schiff rolled out on day one of his impeachment show trials never even had direct contact with President Trump.

The two Trump-hating witnesses, George Kent, a deputy at the State Department and Bill Taylor, the charge d’affaires at the US Embassy in Kiev testified together on Wednesday.

The two anti-Trump witnesses admitted to Congressman Jim Jordan that they’ve never even spoken to President Trump — all of their information was based on second and third-hand chatter.

Watch both of Schiff’s witnesses, George Kent and Bill Taylor also admit they were never even on the July 25 Trump-Zelensky phone call:

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said Wednesday that neither witness had direct contact with the president.

“The one criticism of these two witnesses, which I think is very much legitimate…Is that neither of them had contact with the President — EVER — and yeah, that’s a problem if you’re going to impeach the president,” Toobin said.


Of course this is a problem for impeachment.

Former special prosecutor Ken Starr said Wednesday of the two witnesses who testified based on second and third-hand information, that it is all just hearsay and not even admissible in a court of law.

Starr complemented the rambling Ambassador Taylor but then went on to note that everything he is saying is hearsay… He was not on the call and NEVER spoke with the president.

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr: As impressive as the ambassador was, and it was very impressive, but it is, it’s hearsay, not even admissible in a court of law. My reaction to this is this is serious stuff for an oversight hearing… The aid was released. We keep ignoring the fact.

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