Elizabeth Warren Endorsed by Radical Black Feminist Group – Commits to Appointing Black Transgenders, Non-Binary People to Her Administration

Screen grab of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Instagram Live which shows her in her kitchen drinking a beer on New Years Eve.

2020 Democrat hopeful Elizabeth Warren was endorsed by a radical Black Feminist Liberation group named “Black Womxn For” and they have a list of “asks” that Warren has agreed to fulfill if she were to win the presidential election.

That a rich white woman posing as a fake Indian was chosen by black radical feminists to represent transgenders (bio males) and fight racism is peak 2019-2020.

“Black Womxn For is an organizing collective of leaders, activists, artists, writers, and political strategists from across the country in the fight for Black Liberation. This statement reflects the views and intentions of the undersigned,” the organization said in a statement endorsing Warren.


The radical black feminist group denounced Trump’s presidency and said the last election showed that this nation embraces “white supremacy and its evils.”

“Despite pervasive attacks from the state on our communities, our identities, and our lives, we — Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming and nonbinary folk — remain at the forefront of each and every social movement to hold this country accountable for its promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is our bold vision, direct action, and strategic organizing that laid the foundation for what we argue is one of the most progressive Democratic presidential primaries in recent history,” the group stated.

Elizabeth Warren boasted of their endorsement and agreed to “apply a race and gender equity impact analysis when hiring for her transition team and administration” and committed to hiring black transgenders, queer folk, gender non-conforming and non-binary people, according to Black Womxn For.

Whatever happened to hiring the most qualified people to run the country?

Elizabeth Warren even said that black transgenders and non-binary people “are the backbone of our democracy.”

Watch this insane video endorsement from Black Womxn For:

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