Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Allows Trump-Hating Obama-Era Officials Who Voted For Hillary Clinton to Remain Potential Jurors in Roger Stone Case

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Roger Stone

Roger Stone’s DC trial opened on Tuesday and it was full of drama.

Longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone was ensnared in the Mueller witch hunt for the ‘crime’ of helping Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

Mueller ultimately charged Stone on a process crime of making a false statement after questioning Stone for hours.

Roger Stone on Tuesday left the courtroom early because of food poisoning so his lawyers handled the jury selection process in his absence, a process that could go into Wednesday as there are 80 potential jurors to choose from.

“I have, apparently, some food poisoning,” Roger Stone told Judge Amy Berman Jackson. “I don’t want to waste the court’s time or the time of the jurors.”

Several potential jurors in Stone’s case ended up being Trump-hating, Obama-era officials who admittedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 so Stone’s lawyer’s tried to strike them as potential jurors.

Corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied Stone’s lawyers their request to strike the woman as a potential juror, reported Politico.

One of the potential jurors actually has a husband who works in the DOJ who played a role in the Russian collusion hoax that ultimately took down Roger Stone — and Judge Jackson allowed her to remain as a potential juror!

And that first juror was an only-in-D.C. character, a former Obama-era press secretary for the Office of Management and Budget whose husband still works at the Justice Department division that played a role in the Russia probe that ultimately snagged Stone. She even acknowledged to having negative views of President Donald Trump, and said she had followed the media coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Still, the woman said she did not have strong views about Stone, and Jackson denied a request from Stone’s lawyers to strike the woman as a potential juror.

Reuters reported on Tuesday that Judge Berman Jackson also blocked Stone’s lawyers’ request to strike prospective jurors who currently work for the IRS and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission — and one of them admittedly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016!

“Donald Trump is the chief executive for whom these individuals work,” Judge Jackson argued.

“Judge Amy Berman Jackson isn’t even hiding her bias against Roger Stone,”Newsmax host John Cardillo said. “She’s been pro-Mueller in every case. Her stocking the jury is beyond the pale and reminiscent of Mueller’s team selection.”

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