CHRISTIAN LEADER FRANKLIN GRAHAM Calls on Country to Pray for President Trump and Melania Trump During this Latest “Unjust Inquisition” by Democrats

Christian leader Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, went on Facebook and called on Americans to pray for President Trump following the party line vote on Thursday by Democrats to weaponize the impeachment process.

Franklin Graham wrote,

“After two years of the Russia collusion hoax, now they’ve turned to this. In my opinion, asking another country to investigate corruption is a good thing—not a bad thing. This is just another attempt to tarnish and embarrass the President before the next election.”

Democrats have no problem with the Biden Crime Family’s billion dollar pay-for-play scandals but want to impeach President Trump for bringing it up in a phone call.

Franklin Graham goes on to ask Americans to pray for President Trump during this latest unjust inquisition.

“Pray for President Trump today, for God to give him wisdom, protection, and guide each and every step he takes. I pray that he and Melania will sense the presence of the Lord through this unjust inquisition.”

Franklin is also selling “Pray for 45” T-shirts for Christian warriors out there.

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