REPORT: Italian News Claims Spygate’s Joseph Mifsud was Kidnapped by Italians on Halloween in 2017 – Whereabouts Still Unknown!

Italian news is reporting overnight that Joseph Mifsud, the spy in Spygate, who spied on General Michael Flynn in December 2015 in London and then spied on George Papadopoulos in 2016 to kick off the Russia collusion hoax, was kidnapped on Halloween in 2017 by the Italians.

Italian news LaVerita is reporting overnight that Joseph Mifsud was kidnapped in Rome on Halloween in 2017.  In the reported government kidnapping, Mifsud reportedly wasn’t given the chance to take his things from his home either.

Some key points from the report (which is in Italian) which were supplied to us overseas overnight from a key resource:

1. Mifsud was apparently kidnapped on October 31, 2017. by the head of Italian external intelligence AISE Alberto Manenti.
2. Manenti was fired in November 2018, prior to the other firings at intelligence which occurred in May 2019 and was fired by Italian leader Conte.
3. The Gentiloni government is responsible for the kidnapping and the Conte government is responsible for covering it up.
4. If Italy sponsors kidnapping, it may well sponsor homicide. This applies to all the people who know something bad about the government.

Mifsud’s whereabouts are currently unknown!

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