BANNON WAR ROOM Calls on Kevin McCarthy to Add Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lee Zeldin to Schiff Show Trial Hearings …And DUMP WILL HURD!

The Bannon War Room held a special edition on Monday night from 6 to 7 PM.

The show announced a new schedule on Monday.
The War Room will be live each day twice a day with original shows at 9-10 am and then 6 – 7 pm EST.

** You Can Listen Live Here.

On Monday night The War Room called on Kevin McCarthy to load up the GOP Intelligence Committee with three “killers”: Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Mark Meadows and Rep. Lee Zeldin.

The War Room argued, “This is an impeachment. If Republicans fail to defend this president and he is impeached the Republican Party will be ruined.”

The War Room also argued for Rep. McCarthy to drop vocal Never-Trump Rep.Will Hurd.

Will Hurd says the deep state leaker’s identity should be protected.
Hurd is awful.

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