After Calling Trump Supporters Nazis, Racists and KKK for 3 Years Democrats Worried Their 2020 Polling May Be Flawed Like 2016… Ya Think?

After calling Trump supporters racists and nazis for over four years the liberal media is worried that their 2020 polling will be just as flawed as their 2016 polls.

Do they really think Republicans are going to be happy to talk to these hacks in 2020?

Good luck with those polls, guys.
The New York Times reported:

Some polling firms that did not weight by education in 2016 have since taken up the practice, but not all of them. Mark Blumenthal, the former head of polling at Survey Monkey and a member of the AAPOR task force, said that weighting by education ought to be accepted as necessary. “I think that’s a reasonable line to draw,” he said.

‘Shy Trump’ voters

pre-election study by Morning Consult warned that wealthier, more educated Republicans appeared slightly more reluctant to tell phone interviewers that they supported Mr. Trump, compared with similar voters who responded to online polls.

Pollsters refer to this phenomenon as the “shy Trump” effect, or — in academic parlance — a form of “social-desirability bias.” Studies have affirmed that in races where a candidate or cause is perceived as controversial or otherwise undesirable, voters can be wary of voicing their support, especially to a live interviewer.

Charles Franklin, the director of the Marquette University Law School poll of Wisconsin voters, said he worried that the shy Trump effect had played a role in skewing the poll’s results away from Mr. Trump in 2016.

Mr. Franklin, who was a member of the AAPOR team, suggested how telephone interviewers might confront the issue with respondents next year: “When they indicate they’re undecided or maybe considering a third-party vote, maybe push people a little more on whether they could change their mind,” he said.

One polling firm that showed Mr. Trump narrowly leading in some of the most inaccurately polled states — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida, all of which he won — was Trafalgar Group, a Republican polling and consulting firm that uses a variety of nontraditional polling methodologies.

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