“Adam Schiff is a Nutjob” – President Trump: “I Want an Impeachment Trial” – Wants Adam Schiff Called in First (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump joined FOX and Friends this morning in a nearly hour-long interview.

During their discussion President Trump touched on nutjob Adam Schiff, incompetent Pelosi and the insane impeachment fiasco they held in the US House the past two weeks over nothing.

On FOX and Friends President Trump had this to say, “There’s nothing here… Number one there should never be an impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is totally incompetent.  They just got obliterated.  Adam Schiff is a nutjob.”

GOP leaders and the White House plan to put on a full trial in the Senate if the House Democrats impeach.  President Trump wants to mount a public defense, rather than force a quick vote to dismiss the charges.

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