WOW! Watch Hero Brandon Straka Confront Liar April Ryan and Screaming Leftists at Politicon – Watch April Ryan Flee (VIDEO)

Walkaway Founder Brandon Straka confronted April Ryan and a panel of seven black leftists at Politicon on Sunday. The panel was titled “Being Black Under Trump” and the seven leftists whined and cried about made-up slights they suffer under this amazing Republican president.

Of course, they all forgot to mention that more blacks have jobs today than ever! What hypocrites and liars!

During questions and answers Brandon Straka confronted the group and the “biggest liar April Ryan.”


The room of white liberals erupted and booed and screamed as Brandon attempted to ask his question.

Then April Ryan fled. She can’t take being confronted. She doesn’t have the intellectual heft to take on serious questions.

Watch Brandon in action!

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