WATCH: Joe Walsh Throws Tantrum on CNN’s State of the Union, Whines That ‘Trump is a Traitor’

Republican presidential primary candidates Mark Sanford and Former Rep. Joe Walsh went at it during CNN’s State of the Union over the possibility of President Donald Trump being impeached.

The debate took place when the no-shot candidates were asked about their thoughts on President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine by host Jake Tapper — and lead to Walsh having a full on tantrum.

Sanford wouldn’t say that he supports impeachment, but Walsh snapped and declared that he does.

“With all due respect, this president deserves to be impeached,” Walsh ranted. “No one from the White House or high-level Republicans are on the show today because there is nothing to defend. This president betrayed his country again this week. Would I vote if I were in Congress on the inquiry? There is enough we know now to vote to impeachment this president.”

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