VERY DISTURBING: Nick Fuentes and His “Groypers” Infiltrated the TPUSA Event Last Night and Bashed Gays and Jews (Video)

Charlie Kirk and TPUSA held an event last night at Ohio State with Rob Smith and Fleccas.

During the questioning Dave Reilly trashed gays and asked Charlie Kirk about how anal sex will help conservatives win the culture war.
Apparently, Dave Reilly believes you can “win the culture war” by being crude and homophobic?
Seems like a losing strategy.

Rob Smith, a gay black conservative, was on stage but Dave directed the question to Charlie.

But Dave Reilly was not the only detractor in the crowd. A group by the name of “Groypers” attended the rally to confront Charlie Kirk.

Radio host Nick Fuentas took credit for the “Groypers” at the Ohio State TPUSA event.

Anita Bloom at Medium wrote about the TPUSA event last night with a bit of background on the Groyper group.

Groypers are a dangerous group of intellectuals who use free speech as a weapon against their unassuming opponents in an attempt at challenging what they would like to call “milquetoast” proponents of conservatism. They are predominantly Christian and maintain the position that the Conservative promotion of Homosexuality within the Republican party is to the detriment of society. These Groypers are totally against all forms of immigration both legal and illegal. Groypers are also against the support of Israel and the foreign occupation of her bordering neighbors like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan…

…Last night, under the direction of Nicholas Fuentes, Patrick Casey and a slew of other dissident right activists, Groypers descended upon Charlie kirk and TPUSA with an onslaught of questions intended to challenge, intimidate and ultimately reveal the liberal nature of their recipients. “How is anal sex a conservative value?” one Groyper asked. Another Groyper commended Israelis on their “dance moves” and implored the cheering crowd to “google dancing Israelis” (Disclaimer: DO NOT GOOGLE DANCING ISRAELIS)
Nick Fuentes is a radio host who is famous for bashing Jews and attending the Charlottesville riots.

“Dancing Israelis” is a conspiracy that there were Jews dancing and celebrating the 9-11 attacks in New York City.

The Groypers are planning on disrupting several more TPUSA events — Because they believe Charlie Kirk is the problem and NOT the communist left?

This is a very disturbing development.
The left must love this. Maybe they’re paying for it?

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