Ugh… #NeverTrump Loon Adam Kinzinger Lectures President Trump for Using Word “Lynching” as a White Male

Vocal #NeverTrumper Rep. Adam Kinzinger is quick to attack President Trump at any opportunity.

In September Kinzinger attacked President Trump for correctly quoting Pastor Robert Jeffress warning of a civil war like fracture in America if President Trump is unjustly impeached in the Democrat Party’s latest unjust coup attempt.

Kinzinger HATES Republican President Donald Trump and is not shy about it.


In March 2016 during the presidential campaign Kinzinger swore he would never take orders from a President Trump.

On Tuesday Adam Kinzinger lectured President Trump for using the word “lynching” as a white male.
This guy is unbearable.

Kinzinger is an idiot.

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