Twitter Tells Fascist Kamala Harris That She is a Thug and Get Lost

Far left Democrat Kamala Harris called on Twitter to delete President Trump’s account in Tuesday night’s debate.

Democrats have no regard for the Bill of Rights
Individual rights be damned!

Kamala Harris: “You did not agree, and I would urge you to join me because here we have Donald Trump, who has 65 million Twitter followers and is using that platform as the president of the United States to openly intimidate witnesses, to threaten witnesses, to obstruct justice. This is a matter of corporate responsibility.”

Democrats HATE Freedom of speech.


Twitter responded to Kamala this week.
They told the thug to get lost.

CNN reported:

Twitter told Sen. Kamala Harris that it would not suspend President Donald Trump’s account despite her urging the company to do so, according to a copy of a letter the company sent to the Harris presidential campaign.

In response, the Harris campaign told CNN on Wednesday, “Twitter is not holding Donald Trump accountable for abusing their platform to threaten people and incite and inspire violent behavior.”

The California Democrat had written to Twitter two weeks ago saying that Trump had used his account to “target, harass, and attempt to out the whistleblower” whose allegations about the President’s call with the leader of Ukraine prompted Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Harris also pointed to a tweet from Trump with a quote that she said “suggested violence could be incited should Congress issue formal articles of impeachment against him.”

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