Trump Curse? Nasty Nats Lose Three in a Row at Home in World Series After Dissing POTUS

After winning the first two games on the road, the Washington Nationals lost three games in a row in their World Series home stand against the Houston Astros this weekend following several snubs of President Trump by the team and protests by fans. After scoring a combined 17 runs in their two opening victories the Nationals have only scored one run per game while getting blown out at home by the Astros who have scored a combined 19 runs in their three road victories.

When Trump announced he would be attending a possible Game 5 on Sunday, the Nationals announced Trump antagonist chef Jose Andres would throw out the ceremonial first pitch for that game. (Trump had already said he was not interested in throwing the first pitch.)

That was followed by a report the team owners did not want to sit with Trump and quietly let it be known he should not ask them to do so.

At the game Sunday night, Trump was loudly booed by the wealthy D.C. swamp rats in attendance who also chanted, “lock him up”, even though just the day before a raid in Syria ordered by Trump had led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Nasty Nats fans held up a “VETERANS FOR IMPEACHMENT” banner behind home plate.

Nasty Nats fans also hung a banner saying “IMPEACH TRUMP” from the upper levels of the stadium.

The Series returns to Houston Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday) for the best-of-seven games finale with the Astros in the driver’s seat.

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