Top Obama Military Officer Bashes President Trump For “Piling on” Humiliation of Baghdadi and ISIS (VIDEO)

James Winnefeld

The United States military conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), Newsweek reported late Saturday night.

Army Delta Force and Army Rangers led the way and closed in on Baghdadi’s lair in an overnight firefight and the ISIS leader died “crying, whimpering and screaming.”

President Trump made a statement and took questions on Sunday morning.

President Trump: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead… He died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying all the way… He had dragged three of his young children with him. They faced certain death.

This was a huge win for the US and the West, but the Democrat-media complex immediately criticized President Trump.

James Winnefeld, a Navy Admiral who served as Barack Obama’s Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday morning and said he was worried about Trump’s “piling on” humiliation of ISIS and Baghdadi.

“If you look back at the bin Laden raid, we treated his body with respect that is due under Islam,” he said.

Good riddance to the feckless Obama Administration.


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