Top Democrats Cool with Joe Biden’s Billion Dollar Pay-for-Play Scandals — Attack Trump for Outing #QuidProJoe Instead (VIDEO)

Joe Biden created a very profitable family business for himself and his son during his tenure as Vice President.

Son Hunter Biden raked in millions from the Ukrainian people and $1.5 billion from China during his father’s time in office despite having a very troubled past and no background or excellence in international business.

President Trump has hammered Joe Biden on his pay-for-play scandals.


Trump posted another tweet this week on the Biden Family’s $1.5 billion bonanza from China.

But Democrats are cool with Joe Biden’s criminal activity.

The Democratic candidates for president all deflected away from Joe Biden’s billion dollar pay-for-play scandals.

They say Trump is the real criminal for pointing it out.

You just can’t make this up.

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