“These are Bad People, These are Evil People” – President Trump Speaks Out on Obama, Strzok, Page and Entire Spygate Scandal (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh played audio this week of former DNI James Clapper admitting on CNN that Barack Obama made them all spy on President Trump and his campaign.

This was a huge admission by James Clapper — Obama was behind it all! Obama was making the calls to have the FBI and CIA spy on Trump advisers all over Europe.

This is what we all suspected all along.

On Saturday President Donald Trump joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Justice with Judge Jeanine.

During their conversation Barack Obama’s role in the whole spygate scandal was brought up.

President Trump: I think he’s hiding. I think he knows all about it. We’re talking about investigate the investigators. We’re talking about the beginning. And it was really before I took office. It was, if you look at it the insurance policy was with Strzok and Page just in case she (Hillary) should lose. We got an insurance policy. It’s what all of this stuff has been about. The insurance policy. These are bad people. These are evil people.

Via Justice with Judge Jeanine:

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