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The S&P 500 has gained 0,7% to 3043.18, a new all-time high.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen 166.12 points or 0.6%, to 27,124.18, just below its all-time high.

The NASDAQ Composite has climbed 0.9% to 8,313.97 but remains just below its record high of 8330.21.

GDP growth is well over 2% and last quarter went to 3.1%.

Therefore, it must be time to impeach President Trump!

The mainstream media is almost totally silent about the Trump Effect and our booming economy.

It is like he and his pro-market; America First policies have no significance.

Look at the real and measurable Trump Effect.

It is undeniable.

Do you like what you see?

Now compare it with the Obama years.

Are you better off—are all Americans better off — now than they were just three short years ago?

Are CEOs more confident about the future? Are business prospects vastly improved?

Are families making approximately $5000 more than they were under the Democrats—who supposedly care more about the workers.

Are jobs coming back? Has deindustrialization been stemmed and has China been challenged for what it is: a mercantilist, predatory, totalitarian cheat?

Perhaps, we should ask black workers whose unemployment is at an all time low? Or women who have fared so much better? Or Latin American workers whose levels of unemployment are at a twenty-year low?

Are they much better off under a Trump presidency?

The Democrats have to worry that their entire base of support is slipping through their fingers with this kind of performance.

Why do they offer up ‘woke’ socialism and racist identity politics when America is GREAT Again?

Who would buy such nonsense it in the face of reality?

Even Bill Clinton knew it was to paraphrase, “the economy stupid.”

So instead, we have the Speaker of the House delegating a fake impeachment based on no crime to the shiftiest member of her party, Shifty Shiff, meeting in clandestine SKIFs, taking illegal testimony by a slew of Never-Trumpers, and running an unconstitutional kangaroo court to take down the very person who has brought us this BOOM.

Are they truly insane? Deranged? Or just suffering from comatose Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Why would these deranged actors continue to try and depose a duly elected President with such stellar performance?

Here is the answer—they CAN’T beat him in an election.

It turns out they are not democrats at all.

They know from just taking a pulse and by internal polling that Trump under this scenario will win a second term in 2020 and by a far larger margin than last time.

He will win 350-perhaps even 400 electoral college votes, wiping them off the map in a blowout victory, and on his coattails will grow the Republican lead in the Senate and retake the House of Representatives.

Pelosi and her crooked cronies will be out of a job.

With such a super majority, an unleashed Trump will Keep America Great and lower taxes, boost economic growth further, stop socialism, defend our country instead of the rest of the world, delever the administrative state, aka the ‘swamp’, and it will be like Morning in America, again.

Recall this all-time favorite 1984 Reagan advertisement with that theme.

This time it will be even greater.

Thank you, Donald Trump.

 In business circles we know that KPIs are the key measures that will have the most impact in moving an organization forward.

The President is clearly articulating and providing insight into what America needs to measure and achieve to reach our long-term objectives.

Great strategic plans have clear Key Performance Indicators that keep the pulse on how you are performing against your plan.

Trump’s plan is a successful plan.

 You call that WINNING.


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