Swedish Teen Greta Thunberg Lectures Iowans on Climate Change Hoax, ‘Teenagers and Children’ Know Better Than Adults (VIDEO)

First David Hogg, now Greta Thunberg.

16-year-old Swedish green activist Greta Thunberg lectured Iowans on Friday about the Climate Change hoax and asserted that teenagers and children know better than adults.

Thunberg has a myriad of mental health issues. She is autistic, has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suffers from Asperger syndrome, but she knows what’s best for the world — just ask her.

“We teenagers and children shouldn’t have to take the responsibility. But right now, the world leaders keep acting like children, and somebody needs to be the adult in the room,” Thunberg said to a huge crowd in Iowa on Friday.


Greta Thunberg appeared before the UN a couple weeks ago and held back tears as she angrily accused world leaders of ‘stealing her childhood.’

Thunberg also appeared before US lawmakers to lecture the US on the climate hoax.

Meanwhile China and India continue to be the world’s biggest polluters because Climate Change legislation isn’t about the environment, it’s about a global scheme to redistribute wealth.

Marxists always prey on the innocent and children.