Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney Assured Pelosi There Was Republican Support to Impeach President Trump

Mitt hates Trump more than he loves America.

About ten days ago Rush Limbaugh told his massive radio audience that Mitt Romney assured Nancy Pelosi that there was Republican support in the US Senator for President Trump’s impeachment for asking Ukraine and China to look into Joe Biden’s billion dollar pay-for-play scams.

Mitt hates President Trump — so much so that he is willing to sell out his country to get back at President Trump.

On Friday Mitt Romney downloaded on President Trump again — this time siding with Democrats in their sham impeachment quest.

President Trump responded to the globalist RINO today.

Maybe President Trump is aware of Mitt Romney’s behind the scenes maneuvering for Democrats?

Via The Rush Limbaugh website:

I want to tell you, Matthew, that yesterday and today Senator Mitt Romney, Republican, Utah, had phone calls or meetings, whatever, with Pelosi and assured her there was Republican support to remove Trump. Romney is a Never Trumper, and, if he can, he will get rid of Trump. I don’t think that means that Romney has enough Republicans to actually convict. Romney is just staking a claim to a political position. Romney thinks it’s in his best political interests for everybody to think he hates Trump. That’s how he thinks he’s going to politically benefit, whatever his next ambitions are.

See, Romney’s one of these RINOs, a mainstream Republican who’s almost afraid to be a Republican and thinks he’s gotta apologize for Republicans and who they are and conservatives and who they are. He’s one of these guys that wants to go out and try to make sure that whenever the Democrats want to attack Republicans, they leave him alone ’cause he’s actually reasonable and all.

This is the guy — and I want everybody to remember this — this is the guy that Harry Reid said in 2012 that a friend told him Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years. The media said to Harry Reid, “Well, what who’s your friend? We need to ask somebody about this, where’s your proof?” And Harry Reid said, “You’re asking the wrong guy. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in 10 years.”

So they did. And so it became an ongoing part of Romney’s presidential campaign that he is alleged to not have paid taxes in 10 years. Everybody knew it was bogus but they ran with it anyway. Romney’s cozying up to these people? Mitt Romney was also the target of dirty Democrat ads claiming that an employee of his wife died because Romney was so cold-hearted he didn’t extend health care to the guy’s wife. And so the guy’s wife died and Romney didn’t care. And Romney is cozying up to these guys?

And can we forget, they said Mitt Romney hates animals. Family vacation, put the dog on the top of the station wagon. Then when Romney was trying to prove that he was not involved in a War on Women, he produced a notebook that was filled with resumes of potential female employees. That was twisted and turned into Romney is some kind of a pervert! Look at all these women in this notebook that Romney been collecting, they said. And he’s out cozying up to them? And he’s been out cozying up to Pelosi, assuring her that there is Republican support for removing Trump in the Senate.

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