Romney Admits That ‘About Half’ of His Constituents Think He’s Too Hard on Trump

Never-Trump Senator Mitt Romney says that he has been asking his constituents if he is too hard on President Donald Trump, and “about half” think he is.

Romney said that he has been the crowds at town halls “how many of you in the room think I’m being too tough on the president?” and then asking how many think he’s not being “tough enough.”

Romney told USA Today that there has been an even divide in how many people support each sentiment.

The newspaper reports that “Romney said he didn’t conduct the impromptu poll because he was having second thoughts about voicing his opinions, but, instead, to show constituents that they can respectfully disagree with one another.”


“People tend to associate with people of like mind, and they assume everyone thinks the way they do,” Romney said. “And so, our town hall meetings have been quite civil.”

Romney has been among Trump’s most vocal critics in Congress. He is also one of the only senators, along with Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK), who still have not signed the resolution condemning the sham impeachment inquiry.

Romney, was also recently outed for running a secret Trump-hating Twitter account under the name “Pierre Delecto”, has said that he is open to voting to remove Trump from office should impeachment reach the Senate.

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