Swedish Advertising Agency Seeks to Fight ‘Intersectionality, Feminism, Post-Marxism and Norm Criticism’ in Ads

A new advertising agency in Sweden is seeking to take a sledgehammer to political correctness in ads airing in the nation.

The agency, Etablissemanget, has said that they will be avoiding “intersectionality, feminism, post-Marxism and norm criticism” and other “destructive ideologies.” They describe themselves as “conservative and humanistic” with “great love for Sweden and Swedish culture.”

Sputnik News reports that the company was founded by creative director Jonas WE Andersson, a former lecturer in graphic design at the Stockholm University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) and Magnus Fermin, a producer and award-winning composer.

Though they are promoting their company as the first “Sweden-friendly” agency, they do not believe that they will get any work in the cultural sector “because the entire industry is totally ideologically poisoned.”


“I believe many companies are misinformed. When they talk about things like diversity and norm criticism and the like, they don’t really know what they are talking about, other than that you have understood that this is in the vogue right now. If a marketing manager and an agency, both drilled in norm criticism, concoct something for a brand, there is a great risk that it goes against the primary target group. You can even humiliate and mock your primary target audience. There we can come in and explain that it is not a particularly good way of doing business,” Andersson said in a Swedish interview.

Though they may not be for everyone, Etablissemanget claims that they have already found allies who are thankful that they are breaking the mold and taking a stand against the PC-police. Their clients include the Sweden Democrats, the Army Museum, the Prostate Cancer Association and the popular Swedish YouTube channel SwebbTV.

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