RACIST JOE BIDEN and at Least Five House Democrats Said Bill Clinton’s Impeachment “A Partisan Lynching” (VIDEO)

Democrats and Jeb Bush Feign Outrage Over Trump’s Use of Word ‘Lynching’

President Trump and Lindsey Graham called the current coup attempt by Democrats against this president as a public “lynching” on Tuesday.
And now all hell is breaking loose.

Apparently, this is a new word that white people are not allowed to use anymore.

Democrats are OUTRAGED that President Trump would dare use the lynching reference.

Cory Booker jumped on President Trump over his comments.

It was totally unacceptable.

But it didn’t take long for video Democrats calling the Clinton impeachment a “lynching” to pop up today.

And at least 5 House Democrats called Bill Clinton’s impeachment a lynching at the time.


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