Zing! President Trump DESTROYS Joe Biden: “I Never Thought He Was Going to Win – Obama Took Him Off the Garbage Heap” (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump spoke with reporters on Friday morning before his trip to Walter Reed Military Medical Center. The president is going to give awards to wounded warriors at Walter Reed today.

During his talk with reporters President Trump repeated his claims that Joe Biden was never going to win the Democratic Party primary for president.

Trump added that Barack Obama picked up Biden from the trash heap of history.


President Trump: I didn’t think because I watched Biden over the years and Biden is not the brightest person. I never thought he was going to win. I never felt that he was going to win. If you look at his other two campaigns he was a one-percenter. He got very few votes. He got taken off of the garbage heap by Obama. Obama took him off the garbage heap.

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